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(Apstein, 1894)

Solitary zooids: up to 13 mm long (Cyclosalpa floridana). Body muscles interrupted dorsally. MI to MII fused dorsally. Intermediate muscle laterally joining MI. MI to MV fused ventrally into a single mass. MVI interrupted but MVII continuous ventrally. Total number of muscular fibers: 31-51. Light organs weakly developed, more or less continuous, between MI and MVI or MII and MVI. Dorsal tubercle C-shaped.

Aggregate zooids: up to 9.5 mm long (Cyclosalpa floridana 1). Apparently only 3 body muscles (probably MI and MII are fused). Intermediate muscle joining MI laterally. MIII and MIV fused dorsally. MI (MII) and MIII to MIV converging but not contiguous in the mid-dorsal line. Light organs absent. Dorsal tubercle C-shaped. Testis beyond the intestine and swelling the body wall outwards.

Cyclosalpa floridana