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(H. Milne Edwards, 1853)

Zoea [Percnon gibbesi 1]
¥ Number of stages in the zoeal phase: 6.
¥ Morphological characters of first zoea [Table 9 First zoeae of Grapsidae]:
Antennal endopod rudimentary compared to antennal protopod.
Carapace with lateral spines.
Maxilla (mx2) endopod setation: 2, 2.
First maxilliped (mxp1) basipod setation: 2, 2, 3, 2.
First maxilliped (mxp1) endopod setation: 2, 2, 1, 2, 5.

Megalopa [Percnon gibbesi]
¥ Number of stages in the megalopal phase: 1.
¥ Morphological characters of megalopa [Table 19 Mgp Pinnotheridae Grapsidae Gecarcinidae Ocypodidae]:
Rostrum trifid.
Carapace smooth.
Maxillule (mx1) endopod setation: ?.
No information about the setation of the maxilla (mx2) endopod.
No information about the setation of the First maxilliped (mxp1) epipod.
No information about the setation of the third maxilliped (mxp3) epipod.

Larval stages described by Paula and Hartnoll, 1989.

Geographical distribution of adult
Occidental Atlantic: North Carolina, Bermuda, Florida, Gulf of Mexico, The West Indies and Brazil (Fernando de Noronha)
Oriental Atlantic: Azores to South Africa
Oriental Pacific: California to Chile, Galapagos Islands and Clipperton Island.

Depth range of adult
Intertidal zone.

Percnon gibbesi