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Claus, 1879

Length to 10 mm. Head rounded, higher than long, subequal in length to pereonites I-V combined in females (Lycaea serrata 1), in males moderately shorter. Posterior margin of last pereonites and first pleonite higher than anterior margin of next segment, so body appears folded or serrate. Coxae III-V produced anteriorly. P I and II more or less subchelate, posterior distal corner of ART 5 of P I is about 120°. Subchela with smooth margins, fine setae (Lycaea serrata 2). ART 6 of P I and II without apical projection below base of dactyl. Dactyls of P I-II long. ART 5-6 of P III-VI more or less linear. P V-VI with serrate anterior margins in ART 4-6. Distal ART of P VII combined more than twice as short as ART 2. Rami of UR I and II free. Telson triangular, 1.5 times as long as wide in base.

Lycaea serrata