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Bate, 1861

Length to 21 mm. ART 2 of P I almost straight in females, strongly curved in males (Brachyscelus crusculum 1). Anterodistal corner of ART 5 of P I with curved, rounded lobe; posterodistal corner produced into strong triangular lobe, with 5-9 strong teeth on each margin; posterior margin of ART 6 distally serrate. ART 5 of P II moderately narrower than in P I (Brachyscelus crusculum 2), without anterodistal rounded lobe, with posterodistal lobe as in pereopod I; ART 6 as in P I. ART 2 of P V 1.7 times as long as broad, with few weak teeth on anterior margin. Anterodistal lobe of ART 2 of P VI reaching base of ART 4. Fused (II+III) urosomite as long as broad (Brachyscelus crusculum 3). Inner margin of broad endopodite of UR III concave near top. Telson longer than broad at base.

Brachyscelus crusculum