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(Stebbing, 1904)

Length 2-3 mm (females), 3-4 mm (males). Head slightly more than twice as high as long, narrowing ventrally in profile. ANT I reaching well beyond ventral margin of head in females. Gland cone extending beyond margin of head; posterior margin slightly concave, separated by short gap from epistome. Left MD with lacinia mobilis nearly as wide as incisor, divided into 11-12 sharp teeth. Outer lobes of MXP slightly more than 1.5 times as long as wide, apices narrow, bearing dense tuft of setae; distal margin rugose (Hyperietta vosseleri 1). P I simple, ART 2 about twice as long as wide, with evenly convex anterior margin; ART 6 with single spine on inner surface near anterior margin. P II chelate, posterodistal process of ART 5 nearly reaching middle of ART 6. ART 2 of P V-VII very broad (especially in P V) (Hyperietta vosseleri 2). Telson twice as short as basipodite of UR III in males, reaching two thirds its length in females.

Hyperietta vosseleri