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Bovallius, 1885

Length 19-42 mm (Lanceola sayana 1). Rostrum sharp, triangular, sometimes long and straight, but often short and curved (Lanceola sayana 3). Eyes well pigmented. 3 distal (small) ART of ANT I fused (Lanceola sayana 4). Integument more or less dense. Weak carina on dorsal side of pereon and pleon. P VI strong, longer than P V and longer than pereon. P VII twice as short as VI. Hooded dactyls of P V-VII especially strongly curved. Telson with rounded top, subequal to or longer than basipodite of UR III. Colour of live animals from dark-red to orange, or colourless, sometimes anterior part of body pigmented and posterior colourless, sometimes pereon colourless but pleon and mouth parts orange or carmine-red.

Lanceola sayana