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Bovallius, 1885

Length 10-16-(20) mm. Body smooth. Rostrum absent. Distal (small) ART of ANT I well-developed, free, cylindrical, apical longer than others (Lanceola clausi 2). P moderately short; P V-VII almost subequal, P V shorter than pereon, P VI slightly longer than V. Hooded dactyls of P V-VII strong (Lanceola clausi 1). Telson triangular, 0.5-0.7 times as long as basipodite of UR III (Lanceola clausi 3). Live animals pink or colourless, sometimes orange. Lanceola clausi can be recognised easily by their general appearance: small size and moderately short ANT and P. Very variable species, especially in body shape, and in some details of P morphology.

Lanceola clausi