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(Lichtenstein in Mandt, 1822)

Length to 154 mm (Eurythenes gryllus 1). Very like Eurythenes obesus but distinguished from it by characters given in key. Live animals red, reddish-brown, or pale, with white eyes. In water column Eurythenes gryllus as a rule represented by comparatively large specimens (length to 90 mm). Juveniles and large (> 100 mm) females inhabit near-bottom layers, where they can even burrow to avoid danger. They are bentho-pelagic scavengers, common in baited bottom traps. See also latest articles on E. gryllus in baited traps at various heights above bottom in northern Atlantic and adjacent waters: Thurston, 1990; Vinogradov et al., 1996; and Christiansen, 1996.

Eurythenes gryllus