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(S.I. Smith, 1873)

Rostrum broadly rounded. Eye 1.5 times as lang as broad, cornea wider than stalk.
Antennal scale 10 times as long as broad.
Carpopropodus of the endopod of the 3rd to 8th pereopods divided into 8 to 9 subsegments.
Proximal segment of exopod of 4th male pleopod 7 times as long as the distal; latter segment about half as long as terminal pair of setae.
Telson triangular, 2.5 times as long broad, with narrowly truncate apex armed with 2 pairs of spines, outer pair 3 times as long as the inner. Lateral margin of telson armed with about 40 spines, of which those on distal 2/3 are arranged in groups.

Ref.: Tattersall, 1951; Williams et al., 1974.

Neomysis americana