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Matthews, 1925

Females: Anterior part of Ce triangular and elongated (dorsal view). Mdp B with 3 setae. Mx1 Li4 with 5 setae. More characters can be accessed by backtracking the key:
Page 611

Males of Subeucalanus are poorly known morphologically, and their morphology is also highly variable. The following males cannot be separated in the identification key, but their sizes and figure references are as follows:

Subeucalanus pileatus (total length 1.80-2.25 mm);
Subeucalanus monachus (total length 2.2 mm);
Subeucalanus longiceps (total length about 3.2 mm);
Subeucalanus crassus (total length 2.9-3.1 mm).

Subeucalanus longiceps