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(Massy, 1917)

Body largely transparent, rounded, unpigmented, often with ciliary bands. No buccal arms. Anterior tentacles very long, trailing behind body, exceeding its length; tentacles homologous with head palps. Base of tentacles muscular and broad, tapering abruptly above base. Wings very broad and rounded distally, left one always smaller than right one. At posterior margin of wings, where they join, small projection (posterior footlobe) is apparent. Hooks, 20 on each side, minute, triangular, subequal in size. Jaw composed of row of small spines. Radula formula: 3-1-3, very large, with large arcuate, dentated median plates with 40 to 50 small cusps at free border, lateral teeth with broad bases. Around 11 to 16 transverse rows of median plates and 8 to 9 rows of laterals. Body length 3.5 mm.

Massya longicirrata