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Pelseneer, 1888

Shell elongate, with 4 to 5 whorls. Spire relatively high from rapid increase in of whorl size. Sculpture composed of irregular reticulum; disappearing abruptly before aperture border. On last half of body whorl strong keel ends in distinct aperture tooth. Radial crests between deep suture and keel resemble those in Peraclis apicifulva, distinct but more regular and thinner than in latter. Aperture wide near tooth, at end of keel; triangular portion of aperture border turned upwards forming second tooth. Base of aperture pointed toward keeled, spirally twisted rostrum with very well-developed, broad columellar membrane. Operculum with about 5 whorls, no radial striae. Soft body dark brown to black. Embryonic shell almost smooth; faint, irregular ornamentation visible only under high magnification (Boltovskoy, 1974b). Shell height 7.5 mm, diameter 6 mm.

Peraclis bispinosa