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(Forskål, Ms.) Niebuhr, 1776

Pseudoconch covered with few warts, rather flat and broad, posterior end rounded, anterior end nearly straight and ending abruptly. Cavity large but shallow, clearly visible only in thicker posterior part. Swimming disc characterized by straight posterior border and semi-circular shape. Numerous well- developed mucus glands along wing border. Muscle bands as in Cymbulia, much closer together than in Corolla and difficult to see separately. Proboscis very long, free over most of length, reaching over 2/3 of swimming disc. At base of proboscis two small, symmetrical tentacles. Visceral mass relatively small. Mantle gland with two complete and one incomplete oblique transparent bands. Gland twisted to left. Diameter of swimming disc 60 mm, length of pseudoconch 45 mm.

Gleba cordata