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van der Spoel, Bleeker and Kobayasi, 1993

Diagnosis: Shell slightly triangular, colorless, hyaline. Dorsal side slightly convex, central dorsal rib well-developed, latero-dorsal ribs moderately developed, lock ribs small. Ventral side vaulted, 18-24 ventral ribs weakly developed. Flanks inconspicuous; lateral lines slightly convex, lock area visible, lock mechanism medium-sized. Main tubercle hooked, lunar tubercle small, minor tubercle absent. Second lock system rudimentary. Sculpture of faint growth lines and very faint transverse striation. Hooked lateral spines bend slightly dorsally and projecting laterally. Caudal spine and caudal spine mark absent. Small dorsal lip without notch or constriction. Rostrum short and narrow, concave but without a clear gutter. Ventral lip medium-sized with moderate median depression. Caudal fold 0.84 mm long, moon shaped, left and right folds form a small angle in ventral view. No lip flaps; lip bellies weak; lip shoulders small. No hump. Protoconch II area projects moderately. Shell length 6.2 mm, width 5.4 mm.

Diacavolinia elegans