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Bürger, 1895

Body sturdy, wide and flat, broadly rounded anteriorly, tapering posteriorly to end in a well differentiated caudal fin; length 13-17 mm, width 8.5-11 mm, thickness 1-5 mm; rhynchocoel nearly as long as body; stylet armature a sickle-shaped basis bearing about 7 conical stylets; 22 proboscis nerves; 4-5 pairs of distinct intestinal diverticula, with group of smaller intestinal lobes posteriorly; females with 6-8 pairs of ovaries; males not known.
Distribution: Taken from depths of about 800-1500 m. Found in the North Atlantic (approximately 45ºN, 30ºW), Tropical Atlantic (off the coast of Gabon, West Africa) and the North Pacific off the southern coast of Japan.

Pelagonemertes moseleyi