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Friedrich, 1969

Body broad, flattened, anteriorly bluntly rounded, posteriorly tapering only slightly to end in blunt tail without caudal fin; length 22 mm, width 12.5 mm; mouth ventral, separate from proboscis pore; 11 pairs of long, slender intestinal diverticula which are either unbranched or only branch towards their distal ends, posterior 3-4 pairs shorter; females with 7-9 ovaries on each side of body situated above or close to lateral nerve cords; males unknown; rhynchocoel extends almost to posterior end of body.
Distribution: Taken from a depth of 1000 m. Known only from the tropical South Atlantic (off the coast of Gabon, West Africa, at 3º36'S, 9º12'E).

Pelagonemertes korotkevitschae