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Chamisso and Eysenhardt, 1821

Very similar to Diphyes bojani. Nectosac of anterior nectophore cylindrical basally but with narrow caecal extension ending close to the apex of the nectophore. Hydroecium extends to about one-half the height of the nectophore, with the spindle-shaped somatocyst extending up to just above the beginning of the nectosacal caecum. The dorsal ostial tooth is considerably larger than the lateral ones. Mouth plate not divided. Posterior nectophore with similar arrangement of ostial teeth. Lateral teeth and baso-lateral margins not serrated. Bract somewhat similar to that of Chelophyes appendiculata, but the phyllocyst is narrower and tapers towards its apex, which lies further from the apex of the bract.

Diphyes dispar