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Cyttarocylis cassis (Haeckel, 1873)
Cyttarocylis plagiostoma (Daday, 1887)

This group comprises:

¥ Cyttarocylis cassis (Haeckel, 1837)
¥ Cyttarocylis eucecryphalus (Haeckel, 1887)
¥ Cyttarocylis magna (Brandt, 1906)

¥ forma plagiostoma (Daday, 1887)
Lorica an elongate to globose cone, shorter than in forma typica. Aboral end rounded, truncate, or sometimes forming a short and thick aboral horn.
Ref.: Brandt (1906-1907), Balech (1959).

¥ forma typica Alder, 1999
Lorica an elongate cone, variable in length, with acute (or sometimes truncated) aboral end. Wall sometimes with irregular fenestrae.
Ref.: Brandt (1906-1907), Balech (1959).

Cyttarocylis cassis/plagiostoma