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(Laackmann, 1910)

See Genus Laackmanniella.
Ref.: Laackmann (1910), Balech (1947), Petz et al. (1995a), Alder (1995).

¥ forma naviculaefera (Laackmann, 1910) Alder, 1995.
Lorica with agglutinated particles in highly variable concentrations.
Ref.: Laackmann (1910), Alder (1995).

¥ forma prolongata (Laackmann, 1910) Alder, 1995.
Lorica non-spiralled, hyaline.
Ref.: Laackmann (1910), Alder (1995).

¥ forma coxliella Alder, 1995.
Lorica totally spiralled, hyaline. Aboral end closed.
Ref.: Alder (1995).

Laackmanniella naviculaefera