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Diagnosis: Shell small, spherical, with thick wall. Pores circular to subpolygonal, very uniform in size, in symmetrical groups (coronets) around bases of by-spines, 1-3 times bar width, bars narrow to wide. Mouth circular to subcircular or oval, of medium size, smooth except for normally distributed by-spines. Main-spines thick, straight, short, 1/3 to 3/3 shell diameter. By-spines 1-3 times pore diameter, uniform. Surface ornamentation of shallow dish-shaped depressions, circular to subcircular, separated by low rounded or sharp ridges.
Differs from Haeckeliana irregularis by less angular surface depressions, though some individuals may be somewhat transitional to that species. Future research may indicate that the two species should be combined.

Diameter: 0.36-0.45 mm.

Haeckeliana porcellana