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(Leegaard, 1915)
Petz et al., 1995a

Body subspherical, flattened on one side. One C-shaped macronucleus, 1 micronucleus. Five somatic kineties with short cilia covered by cytoplasmic flap; kinety 1 slightly S-like, extending anteriorly from posterior pole; kineties 3 and 4 coursing almost longitudinally, shortened; kinety 2, originating at posterior pole, and kinety 5 distinctly arched describing a partial circle. Adoral zone composed of 33-39 external and 8-20 internal adoral membranelles. Size of protargol-impregnated specimens 40-60 x 40-52 µm. It was not definitively identified by Leakey et al. (1994b) in the Southern Ocean. Pelagostrobilidium neptuni (Montagnes and Taylor, 1994) Petz et al., 1995a is very similar, but differs by having 2 micronuclei and kinety 5 originates near the rear end and extends anteriorly; Petz et al. (1995a) found it in the Weddell Sea.

Ref.: Lynn and Montagnes (1988), Montagnes and Taylor (1994).

Pelagostrobilidium spirale