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d'Dudekem, 1864

Zooids slenderly campanulate, peristomial disc slightly slanting, constricted beneath peristomial collar, pellicle smooth; often bent over or held at angle to stalk, which should contract in zig-zag manner according to genus diagnosis. Contracted specimens distinctly curved, with peristomial collar drawn up snout-like. Macronucleus elongate C- to horseshoe-shaped, transverse to main body axis. One contractile vacuole at ventral wall of vestibulum. Colonies with few (about 10) zooids on dichotomously branched stalk, up to 550 µm high. Main stalk long, lateral stalks short (1 zooid/branch), without longitudinal striations; myoneme connected at ramifications, extending to distal end and twisting regularly. Zooids in vivo about 80 x 30 µm.

Ref.: Hamburger and Buddenbrock (1911), Kahl (1935).

Zoothamnium elegans