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Zacharias, 1906

Body conical to bell-shaped. Peristomial disc flat. Pellicle with 25-34 closely spaced striations. One macronucleus vermiform and J-shaped, sometimes elongate bean-shaped. One micronucleus. Single contractile vacuole at ventral wall of vestibulum. Epibiotic on the diatom Chaetoceros. Size of zooid 18-34 x 22-44 µm. Stalk about 80-200 µm long, distally widened (3-5 µm across). According to Noland and Finley (1931) and Warren (1986) possibly conspecific with Vorticella striata Dujardin, 1841; according to the redescription by Nagasawa and Warren (1996) a separate species.

Ref.: Nagasawa and Warren (1996).

Vorticella oceanica