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(Quennerstedt, 1869)
Foissner and Wilbert, 1981

Body slender, ovoid, anteriorly narrowly, posteriorly broadly rounded. Contractile vacuole slightly subterminal. Longitudinal somatic kineties 8-11 in number, 1 elongate caudal cilium. Oral area extends over almost 1/2 of body length. Adoral membranelles 1 and 2 and undulating membrane arranged as longitudinal double membrane; adoral membranelle 3 forming small square patch of basal bodies. Swims moderately fast, rotates rapidly sometimes, never rests. May form resting cysts. Size in vivo 25-50 x 10-20 µm. Usually found in putrid habitats, often occurs together with Uronema marinum.

Ref.: Foissner and Wilbert (1981), Aescht and Foissner (1992), Foissner et al. (1994).

Pseudocohnilembus pusillus