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(Ehrenberg, 1861)

Non-spinose, very small, microperforate, readily recognizable by high trochospiral test, somewhat like grape cluster. Surface structure resembles that of Globigerinita glutinata.

Ref.: Parker (1962), Li (1987), Saito et al. (1981), Brummer (1988).

Distribution: Its distribution pattern seems to be obscured by its opportunistic behavior. Normally it is rare, but can be abundant at restricted times and areas (e.g., in cold waters of the southwestern South Atlantic, 30-60°S, cf. Boltovskoy et al., 1996). In the eastern South Atlantic, Oberhänsli et al. (1992) found very few individuals in the cold Benguela Current.

Remark: = Globigerinita bradyi

Globigerinita uvula