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Brachyura larvae
Suggested reading

Boschi, E.E., 1981. Larvas de Crustacea Decapoda. In "Atlas del Zooplancton del Atlántico Sudoccidental y métodos de trabajo con el zooplancton marino" (D. Boltovskoy, ed.), Public. Esp. Inst. Nac. Inv. Desarrollo Pesq., Mar del Plata, pp. 699-757.
Albeit a somewhat outdated study, it covers non-brachyuran decapods and stomatopods from the area that are not included in the present work.

Felder, D.L., Martin, J.W. and Goy, J.W., 1985. Patterns in early postlarval development of decapods. In "Larval growth" (A.M. Wenner, ed.), Crustacean Issues Vol. 2, A. Balkema, Rotterdam, pp. 163-225.
A good review of decapod developmental patterns.

Gore, R.H., 1985. Molting and growth in decapod larvae. In "Larval growth" (A.M. Wenner, ed.), Crustacean Issues Vol. 2, A. Balkema, Rotterdam, pp. 1-66.
A good review of decapod larval development that complements Felder et al. (1985).

Gurney, R., 1942. The larvae of decapod Crustacea. Ray Soc. Publ., London, pp. 1-306.
The classic but still informative review of decapod larvae.

Ingle, R.W., 1992. Larval stages of northeastern Atlantic crabs. Natur. Hist. Publ., Chapman & Hall, London, pp. 1-363.
An excellent and very detailed account of larvae that includes relevant information on morphology, rearing methods, and a revealing account of the earliest larval studies.

Marques, F. and Pohle, G., 1995. Phylogenetic analysis of the Pinnotheridae (Crustacea: Brachyura) based on larval morphology, with emphasis on the Dissodactylus species complex. Zool. Scripta, 24:347-365.
One of very few larval phylogenetic studies using strict cladistic methodology.

McConaugha, J.R., 1985. Nutrition and larval growth. In "Larval growth" (A.M. Wenner, ed.), Crustacean Issues Vol. 2, A. Balkema, Rotterdam, pp. 127-154.
A review and analysis showing the importance of nutrition in growth and development through the larval stages.

Paula, J., 1996. A key and bibliography for the identification of zoeal stages of brachyuran crabs (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura) from the Atlantic coast of Europe. J. Plankton Res., 18:17-27.
A good guide to the identification of zoeal stages of brachyuran crabs.

Pohle, G. and Marques, F., 1998. Phylogeny of the Pinnotheridae: larval and adult evidence, with emphasis on the evolution of gills. Invertebrate Reproduction and Development, 33:229-239.
A rare phylogenetic study that includes larval and adult evidence in the reconstruction of evolutionary relationships.

Rice, A.L., 1980. Crab zoeal morphology and its bearing on the classification of the Brachyura. Trans. Zool. Soc. London, 35:271-424.
A classic work and first serious attempt at summarizing the copious larval information since Gurney’s (1942) review.

Rice, A.L., 1983. Zoeal evidence for brachyuran evolution. In "Crustacean phylogeny" (F.R. Schram, ed.), Crustacean Issues Vol. 1, A. Balkema, Rotterdam, pp. 313-329.
A complementary article to the 1980 work that focuses on the evolution of primitive and more advanced groups of crabs based on larval information.

Schmitt, W.L., 1971. Crustaceans. Univ. Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, pp. 1-204.
An old but very readable and informative text on Crustacea in general.

Scholtz, G. and Richter, S., 1995. Phylogenetic systematics of the reptantian Decapoda (Crustacea, Malacostraca). Zool. J. Linn. Soc., 113:289-328.
The most recent comprehensive study on the relationships of the major decapod groups.

Warner, G.F., 1977. The biology of crabs. Van Nostrand Rheinhold, New York, pp. 1-202.
A good account of many aspects of crab biology, including life histories.

Williamson, D.I., 1982. Larval morphology and diversity. In “Biology of Crustacea. Vol. 2. Embryology, morphology, and genetics” (L.G. Abele, ed.), Acad. Press, NewYork, pp. 43-110.
The most detailed account of larval morphology and diversity; includes comprehensive keys.