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Pfeffer, 1912

No hyaline stripes with cartilaginous tubercles on ventral mantle except at sites of mantle-funnel fusion (or also of mantle-head fusion) in some genera. Funnel not fused with head laterally. Funnel valve absent (except in Megalocranchia and Egea). Eyes with one large crescent-shaped and usually one (rarely two) much smaller, usually rod-shaped photophores. No hectocotylization. Ten genera. All genera and approx. 17 species present in the South Atlantic.

Planctonic stages recorded for:

Helicocranchia pfefferi
Liguriella podophtalma
Sandalops melancholicus
Teuthowenia pellucida
Taonius pavo
Galiteuthis glacialis
Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni
Megalocranchia oceanica
Egea inermis
Bathothauma lyromma

Subfamily Taoniinae