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Eschscholtz, 1829

Trachymedusae with gastric peduncle; 4-6 radial canals; with centripetal canals; gonads on radial canals, flattened and leaf-shaped; 2 kinds of marginal tentacles, solid and hollow; ecto-endodermal statocysts enclosed in mesoglea. Two genera: Geryonia (with 6 radial canals and gonads, mouth with six lips) and Liriope (usually with 4 radial canals and gonads, sometimes more, mouth with four lips). Zamponi and Genzano (1988) described 3 new genera of Subantarctic Geryoniidae with mouth with 4 lips, based essentially on the number of radial canals and gonads: Pentarradiata, Heptarradiata, Octorradiata; we consider these as abnormal specimens of Liriope.

Genus Geryonia
Genus Liriope

Family Geryoniidae