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Chun, 1900

Trunk up to 25.0 mm long, flattened, distinctly wider than long (Bathochordaeinae). Buccal glands absent. Pharyngeal cavity straight. Spiracles connected to the pharynx by a very short tube. Esophagus tubular, narrowing before entering the stomach. Stomach and intestine large and continuous, describing a horizontal coil that fills almost the entire width of the trunk. Gonads forming a U-shaped mass embracing the coil of the gut.
Garstang (1936, 1937) described a new species, Bathochordaeus stygius, on the basis of two young specimens, with minor differences from the original description, collected off Bermuda. Fenaux (1966) synonymized the two species, but Bückmann and Kapp (1973) described two additional young specimens from the North Atlantic, referred to Bathochordaeus stygius. The differences may be attributed to the age of the specimens.

Species treated:

Bathochordaeus charon Chun, 1900

Genus Bathochordaeus