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Lohmann, 1896

Trunk generally pear-shaped (Oikopleurinae). Mouth terminal or lying antero-dorsally. Spiracles communicating with the pharyngeal cavity through a cylindrical duct (Oikopleurinae-trunk). Tail tapering toward its distal end.

Genera treated:

Supergenus Alabiata Fenaux, 1993
Genus Althoffia Lohmann, 1896
Genus Pelagopleura Lohmann and Bückmann, 1926
Supergenus Labiata Fenaux, 1993
Genus Folia Lohmann, 1892
Genus Megalocercus Chun, 1888
Genus Oikopleura Mertens, 1831
Genus Stegosoma Chun, 1888

Subfamily Oikopleurinae