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The following outline classification illustrates the taxonomic system adopted in this work. Genera covered in this section are highlighted in blue.

Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Urochordata (= Tunicata)
Class Appendicularia (= Copelata or Larvacea)
Family Oikopleuridae Lohmann, 1915
Subfamily Oikopleurinae Lohmann, 1896
Supergenus Alabiata Fenaux, 1993
Genus Althoffia Lohmann, 1896
Genus Pelagopleura Lohmann and Bückmann, 1926
Supergenus Labiata Fenaux, 1993
Genus Chunopleura Lohmann, 1914
Genus Folia Lohmann, 1892
Genus Inopinata Fenaux and Youngbluth, 1991
Genus Megalocercus Chun, 1888
Genus Mesoikopleura Fenaux, 1993
Genus Mesopelagica Fenaux and Youngbluth, 1991
Genus Oikopleura Mertens, 1831
Genus Stegosoma Chun, 1888
Subfamily Bathochordaeinae Lohmann, 1933
Genus Bathochordaeus Chun, 1900
Genus Mesochordaeus Fenaux and Youngbluth, 1990
Family Fritillaridae Seeliger, 1895
Subfamily Fritillarinae Seeliger, 1895
Genus Fritillaria Quoy and Gaimard, 1833
Genus Tectillaria Lohmann and Bückmann, 1926
Subfamily Appendicularinae Lahille, 1888
Genus Appendicularia Chamisso, 1821
Family Kowalevskiidae Lahille, 1888
Genus Kowalevskia Fol, 1872

Class Appendicularia