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G. O. Sars, 1865

Diagnosis (summarized from Fryer, 1987b)
Body short. Thorax short; segmentation obscured by fusion. Carapace reduced to a dorsal brood pouch.
Head single, large, median, compound eye with many ommatidia. No ocellus. Labrum large.
Antennules tubular and uniramous. Antennae biramous and natatory, with 3-segmented endopodite and 4-segmented exopodite bearing long natatory setae.
Four pairs of segmented, grasping thoracic limbs, generally with exopodites and gnathobases but no branchial epipodites.

Formerly superfamily Polyphemoidea.

Treated family:

Family Podonidae

Order Onychopoda