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Naef, 1923

Mantle broadly-conical. Fin large, round, its length >2/3 ML. Arms with 2 rows of suckers. Tentacles long, club compact, widened, with 4 rows of suckers, fixing apparatus weakly developed. Buccal membrane with 7 lappets, connectives to 4th arms attached ventrally. Funnel cartilage triangular or irregular-oval, with deep pit for fitting nose-shaped or tubercular mantle cartilage. Gladius with widened lateral vane, posteriorly either rounded or tapering into conus. Photophores located on eyeball, head, and mantle surface, ink sac, etc. Two genera.

Planctonic stages recorded for:

Cycloteuthis sirventi
Discoteuthis discus

Family Cycloteuthidae