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Gray, 1849

Mantle narrowly conical or cylindrical, muscular. Fins on posterior half, transverse-oval, heart- or diamond-shaped. Arms with two rows of suckers with smooth rings. Tentacles long and strong, club with 2 rows of hooks and 2 rows of marginal suckers, which may be reduced in adulthood. Fixing apparatus of tentacles well developed, oval. Buccal membrane with 7 lappets, connectives to 4th arms attached ventrally. Funnel cartilage straight, elongated. Gladius with narrow vane and chitinous or cartilaginous end conus. Photophores may appear on eyeball and near hindgut. Six genera, at least 9 species in the South Atlantic.

Planctonic stages recorded for:

Onykia carriboea
Moroteuthis robsoni
Kondakovia longimana
Onychoteuthis banksii

Family Onychoteuthidae