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Pteropoda is an informal name for planktonic molluscs of the Orders Thecosomata (shelled pteropods) and Gymnosomata (naked pteropods). The listing below covers all recent pteropods described to date down to the genus level. Taxa denoted with an asterisk (*) are not recorded from the South Atlantic and are not treated in the chapter Pteropoda.

Outline classification
Subclass Euthyneura (= Opisthobranchia)
Order Thecosomata Blainville, 1824
Suborder Euthecosomata Meisenheimer, 1905
Family Limacinidae Gray, 1847
Genus Limacina Bosc, 1817
Family Cavoliniidae Fischer, 1883
Subfamily Cavoliniinae van der Spoel, 1972
Genus Cavolinia Abildgaard, 1791 (emend. Philippi, 1853)
Genus Diacavolinia van der Spoel, Bleeker and Kobayasi, 1993
Genus Diacria Gray, 1847
Subfamily Clioinae van der Spoel, 1972
Genus Clio Linnaeus, 1767
Genus Creseis Rang, 1828
Genus Hyalocylis Fol, 1875
Genus Styliola Gray, 1850
Subfamily Cuvierininae van der Spoel, 1967
Genus Cuvierina Boas, 1886
Suborder Pseudothecosomata Meisenheimer, 1905
Family Cymbuliidae Cantraine, 1841
Subfamily Cymbuliinae Cantraine, 1841
Genus Cymbulia Péron and Lesueur, 1810
Subfamily Glebinae van der Spoel, 1976
Genus Corolla Dall, 1871
Genus Gleba (Forskål. Ms.) Niebuhr, 1776
Family Desmopteridae Chun, 1889
Genus Desmopterus Chun, 1889
Family Peraclididae Tesch, 1913
Genus Peraclis Forbes, 1844 (emend. Pelseneer, 1888)
Order Gymnosomata de Blainville, 1824, emend. van der Spoel, 1976
*Suborder Gymnoptera van der Spoel, 1976
*Family Hydromylidae Pruvot-Fol, 1942
*Genus Hydromyles Gistel, 1848
*Family Laginiopsidae Pruvot-Fol, 1926
*Genus Laginiopsis Pruvot-Fol, 1922
Suborder Gymnosomata de Blainville, 1824, (sensu van der Spoel, 1976)
Family Clionidae Gray, 1840
Subfamily Clioninae Pruvot-Fol, 192
Genus Clione Pallas, 1774
*Genus Fowlerina Pelseneer, 1906
*Genus Paedoclione Danforth, 1907
Genus Paraclione Tesch, 1903
*Genus Thalassopterus Kwietniewski, 1910
Subfamily Thliptodontinae Pruvot-Fol, 1926
Genus Cephalobrachia Bonnevie, 1913
Genus Massya Pruvot-Fol, 1924
Genus Thliptodon Boas, 1886
Family Cliopsidae Dall, 1889
Genus Cliopsis Troschel, 1854
Family Notobranchaeidae Pelseneer, 1886
Genus Notobranchaea Pelseneer, 1886
Family Pneumodermatidae Pelseneer, 1887
*Genus Abranchaea Zhang, 1964
*Genus Platybrachium Minichev, 1976
Genus Pneumoderma Dumeril, 1806
Genus Pneumodermopsis Keferstein, 1862
Genus Platybrachium Minichev, 1976
Genus Schizobrachium Meisenheimer, 1903
Genus Spongiobranchaea d'Orbigny, 1836

Subclass Euthyneura