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L. Agassiz, 1862

Tentacles either numerous, in 8 clusters each of several rows, or each cluster of a single line of ca. 5-10 tentacles; no radial muscle strands in subumbrella.
Goy (1979) repeated a possible record of Cyanea capillata (Linné, 1758) from Cape Horn and the Bay of Concepción originating from manuscript notes by C.H. Mertens and discussed by Brandt (1838). Brandt recorded that Mertens saw certain medusae in the plankton but it seems likely that he saw Desmonema sp. since there have been no further reports, and Cyanea capillata was the most similar species known at the time.

Desmonema chierchianum
Desmonema gaudichaudi

Genus Desmonema