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(Forskål, 1775)

Solitary zooids: up to 70 mm long (Ihlea punctata). Nine body muscles, continuous around the body, except MVIII which is interrupted ventrally. Intermediate muscle fused dorsally with MI. Many muscles contiguous or fused in the mid-dorsal region. Number of muscular fibers of MI: 75-256.

Aggregate zooids: up to 23 mm long (Ihlea punctata 1, Ihlea punctata 2). Six body muscles. In sinistral individuals, MI to MII fused on the left side and separate on the right side. MIII and MIV free, running obliquely in an anterior-left to posterior-right course. MV and MVI fused in the mid-dorsal region but laterally separate. Number of muscular fibers (MI-MII): 59-97. One embryo between MV and MVI.

Ihlea punctata