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(Quoy and Gaimard, 1834)

(Diagnosis corresponding to that of the genus Traustedtia, since only a single species has been recognized).

Solitary zooids: up to 36.4 mm long, excluding projections (Traustedtia multitentaculata). Test soft and voluminous, with three prominent echinate crests, two parallel longitudinal ones on the dorsal surface and a transverse one at the posterior end, underneath the atrial opening. Body oval, bearing numerous projections that protrude into the test, some of them far beyond it. Five body muscles arranged into two groups dorsally: MI to MIII and MIV to MV.

Aggregate zooids: up to 20 mm long, excluding projections (Traustedtia multitentaculata 1). Test soft, globular, and voluminous, with 3 long posterior projections bearing tentacle-like protrusions of the body wall. Four body muscles arranged into two groups dorsally: MI to MII and MIII to MIV. Ovary and embryo between MIII and MIV.

Traustedtia multitentaculata