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Van Soest, 1975a

Solitary zooids: up to 32.5 mm long, excluding test (Cyclosalpa danae). Body muscles continuous dorsally, except MI and MII; and interrupted ventrally, except MVII. A branch of MVII linking MVI and MVII laterally. Intermediate muscle interrupted ventrally. Total number of muscular fibers: 151 in the holotype. One pair of round, presumably light, organs, between MIV and MV. Dorsal tubercle strongly convoluted.

Aggregate zooids: up to 45.5 mm long (Cyclosalpa danae 1). Body muscles usually as in Cyclosalpa affinis, but intermediate muscle not attached to MI. One pair of peculiarly shaped, presumably light, organs, between MII and MIII.

Cyclosalpa danae