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Roux, 1828

Zoea [Latreillia elegans, Latreillia elegans 1]
¥ Number of stages in the zoeal phase: 2.
Morphological characters of zoea not described.

Megalopa [Latreillia elegans 2]
¥ Number of stages in the megalopal phase: 1.
¥ Morphological characters of megalopa [Table 15 Mgp Dromiidae Latreilliidae Calappidae Leucosiidae]:
Carapace spines and extremely long ‘ antlers’ .
Maxillule (mx1) endopod setation: 5.
Maxilla (mx2) endopod setation: 3.
Second maxilliped (mxp2) exopod setation: 0, 6.
Third maxilliped (mxp3) exopod setation: 3, 5.

Larval stages described by Rice and Williamson, 1977; Rice, 1982.

Geographical distribution of adult
Occidental Atlantic: North Atlantic, Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul) and Uruguay
Oriental Atlantic: Mediterranean Sea; Adriatic Sea.

Depth range of adult

Latreillia elegans