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Stebbing, 1888

Length 6-7 mm (Platyscelus serratulus 1). Small Platyscelus. Head more than twice as high as long. ART 5 of P II, not including distal process, wider than long (Platyscelus serratulus 2); distal process of ART 5 narrowly triangular, almost reaching base of dactyl, with serrate margins; ART 6 with smooth anterior, serrate posterior, margins. Distal process of ART 5 of P II long, narrow, reaching base of dactyl. Chela of P II armed as in P I. P VII, ART 2 with S-shaped, curved anterior margin, with one (rarely 2-3) rudimentary distal ART. See also characters given in key.

Platyscelus serratulus