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(Risso, 1816)

Length to 20 mm. Body very compact (Platyscelus ovoides 1). Integument solid. Especially egg-like when conglobate (Platyscelus ovoides 2). Head twice as high as long, 3 times as wide as long. Distal process of ART 5 of P I serrate, shorter than ART 6 (Platyscelus ovoides 3); ART 6 with serrate posterior and distal parts of anterior margins. Distal process of ART 5 of P II as long as ART 6, armed as in P I. ART 2 of P V oval, much longer than distal ART combined, outer surface convex (Platyscelus ovoides 4). ART 2 of P VI 3 times as long as distal ART combined; distal process of ART 5 weak or absent; ART 6 finger-like, dactyl ordinarily lacking.

Platyscelus ovoides