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(Claus, 1879)

Length 8-18 mm. Integument moderately dense. Body compact (Streetsia porcella 1). Head shorter than third (in large females, quarter) length of whole animal. Posterodistal corner of ART 2 of P I with short rounded serrate lobe (Streetsia porcella 2). ART 5 of P II as wide as long or broader, posterodistal corner produced into sharp triangular curved process, distal (palmar) margin slightly concave, finely serrate; posterior margin of ART 6 serrate. Posterior margin of ART 2 of P VI with small rounded distal lobe, shorter than ART 3; distal margins of ART 4-6 finely serrate. Epimeral plates with small, rounded, pit-like gland in centre. At least in epimeral plate III, ventral margin with step-like excision. Fused (II+III) urosomite slightly longer than wide. Length of telson variable, in general subequal to fused urosomite.

Streetsia porcella