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(Stebbing, 1888)

Length 11-13 mm. Head equal to third length of whole animal or longer, with dorsal depression near pereon in males (Streetsia mindanaonis 1), narrowing near pereon in females. ART 5 of P I as long as wide, posterodistal process not reaching distal end of ART 6. ART 5 of P II elongate (1.5 times as long as wide), slightly expanded distally, posterodistal process much shorter than ART 6. ART 2 of P V weakly broadened, anterior margin straight or slightly concave, serrate. ART 2 of P VI with broad, rounded posteroproximal lobe, weakly serrate in anterior margin. Epimeral plates I-II with rounded, III with sharp, posteroventral corners, with straight ventral margins, moderately lower than in Streetsia challengeri or Streetsia porcella. Large, elongate, vertical, pit-like gland on each epimeral plate. Fused (II+III) urosomite about twice as long as wide (Streetsia mindanaonis 2). Telson triangular, shorter than fused urosomite.

Streetsia mindanaonis