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(Claus, 1879)

Length to 7 mm. Head rounded, 1.3 times as high as long in males, 1.5-1.7 times as high as long in females, subequal in length to first 3 pereonites. P I and II almost simple but with broad ART 5 (Lycaea pachypoda 1); posterodistal corner of ART 5 may be finely serrate; distal ends of ART 6 broad, without projections, with smooth straight margin, dactyls attached in centre; dactyls moderately short. ART 5-6 of P III-VI broadened. ART 4 of P V-VI with convex anterior margin. Anterior margin of ART 4-6 in P VI finely serrate. Rami of UR I and II free. Telson rounded-triangular, slightly longer than wide in base.

Lycaea pachypoda