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Vinogradov et Volkov in Vinogradov, Volkov et Semenova, 1982.

Length up to 5 mm (Laxohyperia vespuliformis 1). With the characteristics of genus Laxohyperia. In only one known Atlantic specimen – a young male off the Brazilian coast – P V distinctly longest, P VII the smallest, and P III-IV and VI subequal (Lima and Valentin, 2001); in Pacific specimens (females), however, P III and IV somewahat longer and stronger than P V and VI, P VII the smallest (Vinogradov et al., 1982). Endopodite of UR I sickle-shaped in distal part. Telson triangular with rounded top, half the length of UR III basipodite (Laxohyperia vespuliformis 4).

Laxohyperia vespuliformis