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(Kroyer, 1838)

Length 5-6 mm (females in Antarctic waters to 15 mm, Hyperoche medusarum 1). Integument dense, smooth. Head as long as pereonites I and II combined, flagellum of ANT I only slightly shorter than whole body, longer than flagellum of ANT II in males. Head shorter than pereonites I-II, ANT I shorter than head in females. Outer lobes of MXP oval, with rounded tops. ART 2 of P I broadened, with convex anterior margin; posterodistal process of broad ART 5 almost reaching of distal end of oval-conical ART 6 (Hyperoche medusarum 2). Posterodistal process of ART 5 of P II narrower and longer than ART 6. Epimeral plates II and III with sharp posteroventral corners. Telson three times as short as basipodite of UR III. Associated with ctenophores of genus Pleurobrachia and some coelenterates.

Hyperoche medusarum