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Bowman, 1973

Length 2-3 mm (females, Hyperietta stebbingi 1), 3-4 mm (males). Head about twice as high as long, evenly rounded ventrally. ANT I reaching ventral margin of head in females. Gland cone barely reaching ventral margin of head, broadly rounded, in lateral view separated from epistome by distinct gap. Left MD with lacinia mobilis divided into about 8 teeth. Outer lobe of MXP about third longer than wide, bearing a series of spines on both surfaces near distal margin, scattered minute setules on distal part of anterior margin (Hyperietta stebbingi 2). ART 2 of P I slightly more than twice as long as wide, both margins moderately convex (Hyperietta stebbingi 3); ART 5 with very small posterodistal process bearing 3-4 spines, posterior margin otherwise unarmed; ART 6 about twice as long as broad, with 2-3 spines on anterior margin. ART 6 of P II bearing 2 spines on anterior margin. P VI only slightly longer than V and VII (Hyperietta stebbingi 4), ART 5 of P V-VII always with long spine at anterodistal corner in females, shorter spine in same position in males. Telson twice as short as basipodite of UR III in males, reaching two thirds its length in females.

Hyperietta stebbingi