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M. Vinogradov and Semenova, 1985

Length 11-12 mm. Head unusually short, shorter than pereonites I-II combined (may be almost equal in males), in lateral view longer dorsally than ventrally. In females, pereonite II clearly higher than pereonite I (Hyperia curticephala 1). Epimeral plates II and III with pointed posteroventral corners; posterolateral margin of pleonite III only weakly convex. Medial plate of MXP longer than half of outer plates, with 2 strong apical spines (Hyperia curticephala 2). ART 5 of P I-II broadened distally. Distal process of ART 5 of P II 2.5 times as short as ART 6. Posterior margin of ART 6 of P IV smooth or very finely serrate, ART 6 of P VII smooth.

Hyperia curticephala