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Bovallius, 1887

Length to 8 mm (Vibilia viatrix 1). Eyes of medium-size, in males larger than in females, narrowing ventrally. ART 1 of flagellum of ANT I pointed, but with parallel dorsal and ventral margins. In females length of flagellum of ANT I subequal to, in males longer than, head. P long and strong (Vibilia viatrix 2). Posterodistal process of ART 5 of P II serrate, reaching distal end of ART 6. Dactyl longer than a half of article 6. P III and IV with ART 4 broadened distally, ART 4 and 6 subequal, dactyls almost as long as ART 6. P V and VI subequal, ART 2 weakly broadened; ART 4 and 5 subequal; ART 6 longer than 5, anteriorly weakly serrate. Dactyl twice as short as ART 6. P VII about half as long as VI. ART 2 of P VII broadly oval; ART 7 almost equal to ART 6, with weakly comb-like sculptured surface. Telson triangular, with rounded top.

Vibilia viatrix